Our aim is to offset the environmental impact of our event at every stage in the production chain. We challenge our contractors to be more sustainable and actively de-select companies that are not making efforts in this area. In addition to this, we have introduced a range of initiatives that aim to make it as easy as possible for our visitors and exhibitors to manage the impact of their attendance at the show.

We have summarised our sustainable initiatives below, but we are always open to new ideas so if there is anything else that you think we should be doing then please contact me at [email protected].


We are working with Energy Revolution to help offset our travel. We use the Travel Carbon Calculator which is promoted to exhibitors and visitors to offset the carbon impact of their travel. All National Running Show team travel will be offset using this method.


The show-guide will be printed in A5 and on recycled paper

Visitor Bags

All visitor bags will be 100% bio-degradable, thanks to our sponsor Runderwear


We are encouraging exhibitors to use reusable fabric graphics and not foamex

Main Contractor – Freeman

Our main contractor Freeman has a detailed and extensive sustainability policy which can be found here.

Venue Initiatives – The Business Design Centre

Business Design Centre (BDC) is a leading multi-purpose venue that welcomes over 900,000 visitors and over 250 events a year as well as being home to over 100 permanent businesses. The family run company holds its social responsibilities at the very heart of everything it does and is committed to both the safe and responsible operating of all areas of the business.

The BDC has been operating as a Carbon Neutral® Venue since 2009 and prides itself on the 0% to landfill policy which has been adhered to for a number of years. We are however, committed to continuous improvement on our environmental impact and are working closely with our venue partners and customers in providing solutions that both businesses within the building and the events that take place here can benefit from.

BDC’s Commitments to Sustainability

No Plastic Water Bottles Sold

We are in the process of removing all plastic bottles from sale alongside our catering partner the Good Eating Company. Still and sparkling speaker and conference water is refilled on site using glass bottles and our in house filtration system. Refillable water stations offer chilled filtered water around the venue so please bring a bottle.

Plastic Free Catering

The Good Eating Company can provide a plastic free catering service – where required cutlery and containers are either reusable or biodegradable. You can help us reduce waste even further by bringing a hot drinks container – guests will receive a 30p discount on tea and coffee in the onsite restaurant, Jack’s when using their own cup.

Donate Not Waste

We have great links in the area with schools and charities who will be happy to receive any waste that can be used again. This includes; card, paper, wallpaper, containers with lids, boxes, clean new bottles, fabric, textiles, bubble wrap, stationery, ex-display materials, novelty goods, foils, production off cuts, reject stock, rope, cord, twine, wood, mannequins, ribbon, and tubes… and more. The team can take this off your hands before it goes to waste.

No Waste to Landfill

Waste that can’t be donated or reused will be recycled or responsibly incinerated and turned into energy. We work closely with Islington Council to ensure that our waste goes nowhere else.

Cycle Storage & Electric Charging Points

Secure bicycle storage is available in the car park for cyclists to use free of charge, as are charging points for electric vehicles.

No Single Use Exhibition Stands

Our onsite design and print company Onward Display offer a reusable and recyclable stand graphic solution. We also have reusable shell scheme stands in house, built with our partners Freeman. Freeman are also our furniture partner.

Traffic Reduction

We have a preferred logistics company WES that we use to bring exhibitor stands and exhibition materials to the venue. By using less vehicles, we reduce idling, pollution and traffic in the local area.

Last Updated: 5/9/2019